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12.29 My name is Jezel. I'm a 16 year old girl in California who likes cats, books, food, and cute boys.
I've got chronic bitch face and the personality to match. I'm always confused and I say all the right things at all the wrong times, but I'm always trying.
Dominate Humbly.



In honor of national dog day, here’s a vid of my sister’s dog Buddy struggling to get inside. Hahahaha.

buddy does not know

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"   Nothing in the world can bother you as much as your own mind, I tell you. In fact, others seem to be bothering you, but it is not others, it is your own mind.   "
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (via jao-k)

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i love when dogs sigh. its like, hey bud, long day at the office?

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the word “hoe” gets thrown around way too loosely I did not religiously suck dick to share that title with you virgins running a porn blog

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Did you know that beekeepers have famously attractive eyes ? Every single one of them . I don’t know the science behind it , but studies show beauty is in the eye of the bee holder . 

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But women can never be careful enough, can we? If we take naked pictures of ourselves, we’re asking for it. If someone can manage to hack into our accounts, we’re asking for it. If we’re not wearing anti-rape nail polish, we’re asking for it. If we don’t take self-defence classes, we’re asking for it. If we get drunk, we’re asking for it. If our skirts are too short, we’re asking for it. If we pass out at a party, we’re asking for it. If we are not hyper-vigilant every single fucking second of every single fucking day, we are asking for it. Even when we are hyper-vigilant, we’re still asking for it. The fact that we exist is asking for it.

This is what rape culture looks like.

This is what misogyny looks like.

from What Happened to Jennifer Lawrence Was Sexual Assault  (via catagator)

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someone was like hey do a flower beard thing and i was like okay

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